The National University of Agriculture (UNAG) is an academic community composed of students, teachers, graduates, administrative and support staff, which assumes higher education as a fundamental right and an essential public service. Among its main objectives is the management of knowledge to contribute to the development of the national agricultural and related sectors in its multidimensionality.

As part of the expansion process, based on its internal regulations, in compliance with its mandated functions and in order to increase its contribution to the integral development of Honduras, it is established that, in addition to the main headquarters in Catacamas, the National University of Agriculture creates regional centers and decentralized specialized academic units in any part of the national territory, based on a strategic planning that guides its development and implementation, thus creating the Regional Center in Tomalá, department of Lempira.

Hilde Orlando Cartagena Beltran

Director of the Tomalá Regional University Headquarters.
Agricultural Engineer graduated from EARTH University of Costa Rica, Master in Planning and Development graduated from UNAH.

As part of this contribution to the community in general, the activities developed at the Tomalá Regional Center since its opening are presented:

  • No. Actions performed Benefited population
    H M Total
    1 Vegetable course, to provide participants with new tools so they can produce in a climate-smart way, taking into account the market, constraints and opportunities of the region. (last week of September, 2019) 25 13 38
    2 Diploma in Sustainable Cattle Raising to strengthen the theoretical and practical knowledge of the participants and achieve the sustainability of the cattle herd. 31 1 32
    3 Course for the "Personal Growth of Agricultural Entrepreneurs in Times of Crisis'' (Virtual Modality). 46 43 89
    4 ICT workshop, given to Youth for Conservation Honduras (16 hours). 21 15 36
    5 Training for students; on ancestral plants and indigenous peoples within the framework of the initiative, youth in action for climate change and food security. 26 30 56
    6 Provide technical assistance to producers in deworming, vaccination and vitaminization of cattle and poultry in La Virtud. Assistance in uterine prolapse and intravenous serum administration in bovine animals of producers in Valladolid and Guarita Lempira. 4 21 25
    7 Elaboration of an agreement with RED ITC-UNAG (28 institutes). NA NA
    8 Meetings with potential strategic allies. COHONDUCAFE Foundation, ANED Foundation, WFP, Mancomunidad Mapance, DICTA, COSUDE, Hermandad de Honduras, COCEPRADIL, CASM, OXFAN, HEIFER, IHCAFE, Mancomunidad SOL, productive groups of Tomalá and mayors' offices. NA NA
    9 Support the health personnel of the municipality of Tomalá to attend the most vulnerable population, pregnant women and support COVID-19 prevention activities and vaccination campaigns. 15 135 150
    10 Virtual book club. 13 17 30
    Total 181 259 456
  • No. Actions performed Benefited population
    H M Total
    1 Thesis on the Conflicts of use in the Quezaquire micro-watershed, main source of water supply for the municipality of Tomalá Lempira. 437 473 910
    2 Thesis advising on the study of climate vulnerability for the main livelihoods of the municipality of Tomalá, Lempira. 3078 3028 6106
    3 As a country project, the Regional Center participated in the application of surveys, economic study and livelihood recovery, in times of pandemic in the 18 departments, using mobile devices, tablets or cell phones, through the MVAM methodology, using the ODK application. NA NA 1350
    4 Identification of 26 research topics based on the needs of producers in the western region of the country, coordinated with the UNAG-Catacamas-Tomala research department and employees of the ITC NETWORK. 21 5 26
    Total 3536 3506 8392


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