University-Society Liaison System

Role of the Direction of the University-Society Linkage System (DSVUS). The DSVUS will allow the National University of Agriculture to provide a real service to society through the study of the national reality and the proposal of approaches and projects that allow solutions to problems encountered, a diverse range of services and consultancies, production of bibliographic materials and a broad work of dissemination of science to promote the regime of good living and raise the quality of life of the population under the influence of the UNA.

Structure of the Management of the University-Society Liaison System. The internal structure of the linkage in the University is as follows:

  1. Education for Life Unit
  2. Graduate Follow-up Unit
  3. Communication unit
  4. Linkage projects unit

Modalities of the University Liaison. The linkage is carried out with the help of the academic processes proper to the nature and purposes of the University, and responds to the needs and expectations of society. These processes are structured with academic autonomy and independence, through activities, projects, programs and linkage plans, which are articulated with research and teaching. The linkage is carried out through the following modalities:

  1. Participation in Innovation and Technology Management Projects.
  2. Academic Services.
  3. Continuing and Continuing Education.
  4. Training activities.
  5. Artistic Creation Projects
  6. Internships and university internships.
  7. International Cooperation Projects.
Training on sustainable livestock farming for producers in the department of Lempira
4th year students of Agronomy Engineering doing internships.
Producers being trained on forage conservation techniques.
Cattle feeding practices


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