Admission System

Academic Direction of the Admission System (DASA)

We are an Academic Direction belonging to the Academic Vice Rectory, whose main function is to manage the admission processes of UNAG, in a transparent, efficient, inclusive and democratic way, through scientific methods according to the national reality, but framed in high quality standards.

The management of admission to the institution is carried out through objective instruments that offer an equal opportunity of admission to all applicants from different regions of the country, as long as they strive to win a place. Thus, the admission policy of the National University of Agriculture, approved by the Higher University Council, in act CSU-002-05-2020; contemplates, among others, the following principles: 

  • Academic and vocational merit, non-discrimination, equal opportunity and treatment, universal access and solidarity.
  • Selection and admission based on an inclusive, strategic and merit-based model.
  • The chosen candidates will be a representative sample of the entire national territory, its cultural and ethnic variety, with emphasis on gender equality.

In addition, the selection process is based on technical and objective criteria that provide the applicant with a guarantee of reliability through access to information at any stage of the process.

We are UNAG, we are Hondurans, we are quality professionals!!!!


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