Message from Dr. Wilmer Reyes

On behalf of our university community, I would like to welcome you to this portal and to this extraordinary institution.

At UNAG, we are focused on providing a holistic, transformative experience for all of our students and our community at large. Through a careful and intentional combination of inclusion, academic excellence, innovation, and social impact, a strong emphasis on principles and values, and a solid philosophy of study, work, and discipline, UNAG develops the leaders of the 21st century.

We know that today's world is complex and globalized, and that success requires precise and up-to-date skills, dedication, effort and persistence. Our commitment is to form global citizens and to offer an education of international standards that allows all our students to succeed in whatever professional path they choose to follow.

Whether you are a prospective student, a partner, or a visitor, through our education, research and university-society linkages, UNAG has a unique learning or collaborative experience in store for you. We are privileged to have a highly committed, multidisciplinary and international faculty, administrative and support staff who are ready and eager to help you. This unique synergy of community, combined with wonderful campuses at all of our locations, and our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement in infrastructure, services, technology and pedagogy, equips our students with the competencies, principles and attitudes required to successfully face and contribute to meeting the challenges of today's world.

If you are a young person with a professional dream of success, you like to solve complex problems, and create new things, we want to hear from you. UNAG is your destination!

If you are an institution, company, or organization looking for productive partnerships, UNAG is your destination!

If you are an alumnus, a potential collaborator in teaching, research or university linkage, UNAG is eager to hear from you.

Become part of our community now, and you will be UNAG forever!


Virtual Assistant