Faculty of Science


The Faculty is the fundamental unit of organization and academic-administrative management that develops certain related areas of knowledge, which is structured and divided into one or more academic departments and develops curricula that make up one or more careers for the professional training of students, as well as human, academic and professional training.

Within the framework of the institutional reform process (period 2017 - 2020), the need to transform what, until then, had been the Academic Department of General Studies into the "Faculty of Sciences" was identified, in order to strengthen the academic activity in a university whose emphasis is on Agricultural Sciences.

Thus, the Faculty of Sciences of the National University of Agriculture is constituted as a set of policies, strategies, processes and projects related to each other and to national and regional development, which form a body of doctrine oriented towards the management of knowledge of related sciences, which are basic in the management of knowledge in the agricultural field, and which constitute a responsibility of the Faculty of Sciences, in the search for the quality of the Institution, its programs and careers.

The Faculty of Sciences, thus conceptualized, implies the continuous effort of UNAG to responsibly comply with the demands of each of its functions of teaching, research, university-society linkage and academic-administrative management, according to the emphasis established by its mission and in order to provide reliable information on the quality of its work, programs and careers.

Conceiving science as a structure of relatively corroborated and exact knowledge, in constant evolution, always directed towards the search for truth in spatio-temporal contexts; and the understanding of the human universe, as being and becoming, in all its biological, physical, chemical, historical, social and conceptual variants; from a microscopic scale to its cosmological dimensions, encompassing the totality of the being-being of man and his universe.

The natural sciences require a formal language, which comes from mathematics or is mathematics itself, without which their deep study is impossible. Likewise, these sciences face certain philosophical and conceptual problems, which merit an unprejudiced study from a rigorous philosophical point of view. On the other hand, their advances have significant and often revolutionary social effects, which require the vigilance of the humanistic and social sciences.

That is why the development of thought and scientific knowledge at the National University of Agriculture should not be from a peripheral perspective, but universal; in such a way that an enriching atmosphere is built for the study and transformation of the national reality; And if possible, to contribute to global transformations, for this to be possible, it is undoubtedly required the formation of academic structures that fulfill precisely this function, in order to enable the gestation and consolidation of multidisciplinary personnel, capable of interconnecting the basic functions of the University, such as scientific research, university-society linkage and teaching. It is the responsibility of the Faculty of Sciences to develop areas of knowledge such as biology, microbiology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, computer science, social and humanistic sciences; for which five Academic Departments have been constituted, according to related areas; these are:

  • Academic Department of Biology and Microbiology
  • Academic Department of Letters and Languages
  • Academic Department of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics
  • Academic Department of Chemistry
  • Academic Department of Social Sciences and Humanities

The Faculty of Sciences serves the general education component of all degree programs, which, on average, is equivalent to 25% of the corresponding study plans.

To develop these disciplinary fields, the Faculty has a total of 48 teachers, specialists in the respective areas of performance.


Victor Javier Gonzales

M.Sc. in Development Project Management

Glenda Esperanza Rodriguez

Faculty Secretary
Bachelor of Arts and Languages

Douglas Domingo Flores

Head of Academic Department of Biology and Microbiology
M.Sc. in Economics and Development

Orlando David Murillo

Head of Academic Department of Social Sciences and Humanities
M.Sc. in Curriculum

Elky Marcela Bock

Head of Academic Department of Chemistry
M.Sc. in Food Processing

Luis Francisco Rivera

Head of the Academic Department of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics
Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics

Marla Jimenez

Academic Department Head
Bachelor's Degree in Agricultural Business Administration


Virtual Assistant