School of Economics and Administrative Sciences

The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of the National University of Agriculture is constituted as a set of policies, strategies, processes and projects related to each other and to the national and regional development, which form a body of doctrine oriented towards the management of knowledge of the related sciences, responsibility of the Faculty, towards the search for quality of the Institution, its programs and careers.


To train professionals capable of generating and transferring high-value knowledge in economics, administration and finance, information technology, project management and agribusiness development for the agricultural sector in Honduras and the world.


To be a prestigious Faculty, recognized nationally and internationally in knowledge management, research and linkage with society in the areas of economic development, administration and finance, information technology, project management and agribusiness development.

The Faculty has a select multidisciplinary teaching team whose dedication to knowledge management strengthens the following areas: Economics, agricultural economics, environmental economics, business administration, entrepreneurship, finance, project formulation and evaluation, agricultural research and community development, marketing, quality management, and information and communication technologies. For its operation, the Faculty maintains in its proposal the creation of seven academic departments, of which two are currently in function: Sectoral Economics and Business Organization and Management. The remaining five are defined in the University Statute: a) Department of Economic Theory, b) Rural Economic Development, c) Economics of Technological Change, d) International Economics and e) Econometrics.

Alex René Dubón

Dean of Faculty
Master of Science
  • Area of professional performance: Information Technologies Agricultural Economics
  • E-mail:

Karen Evelia Lara

Head of Dept. Sectorial Economics. Professor
Bachelor's Degree in Marketing
  • Area of professional performance: Marketing Information Technology Management
  • E-mail:

Norman Leonel Mercadal Tejada

Head of Business Organization and Management Department
M.Sc. in Development Project Management

Neris Yessenia Escobar Ramos

Agricultural Business Administration Career Coordinator
Master's Degree in Project Management

Ivonne Paulette Zelaya Bustillo

Ivonne Paulette Zelaya Bustillo

Hariana Melisa Gálvez

Assistant Dean's Office
Bachelor's Degree in Agricultural and Livestock Business Management

Miriam Anabel Alvarado

Master in Total Quality Management
  • Area of professional performance: Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Management and Total Quality.

Leslie Waleska Escobar Sánchez

Teacher Head of Human Resources
Master's Degree in Total Quality Management
Master's Degree in Economics and Finance
  • Area of professional performance: Administrative, financial and economic.
  • E-mail:

Mariela Alemán Casco

Msc. in Project Formulation and Evaluation Management. ICAP Costa Rica
  • Area of Professional Practice: Teaching/Member of the University Board of Directors/PPS Committee/Thesis Advisor, Supervised Professional Practice
  • E-mail:

Francisco Javier Medina

Teaching Technician
M.Sc. in Higher Education and M.Sc. in Environmental Economics and Natural Resources Management.
  • Area of professional performance: Agricultural Economics. Formulation of Agricultural Projects. Environmental Economics.

José Luis Castillo

Research Professor
Master's Degree in Project Management. ICAP- C.R.
  • Area of professional performance: Project formulation, agricultural extension, research and community development.
  • E-mail:

Mariano Enrique Guillén Moreno

Agronomist. UNAG

Mauricio Alberto Moreno Escobar

Faculty Secretary
Master's Degree in Development Project Management
  • Area of professional performance: Business Administration, Projects, Entrepreneurship, Local Development.
  • E-mail:

Tony Dester Escobar Sánchez

B.A. in Public Administration and B.A. in Educational Informatics

Darwin Enrique Barahona

Professor Director SETIC UNAG
Master in Project Management.
  • Area of professional performance: Information and Communication Technology. Academic Platform Administrator UNAG
  • E-mail:


Virtual Assistant