Faculty of Agricultural Sciences

The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences aims to be a strategic ally for academia and Honduran society since it has offered itself as an open space for technological innovations, generating knowledge and academic discussions on topics of national and international interest.


That the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences be recognized as a consolidated faculty for the level of ethical, moral and academic training of its professors and graduates, the quality with equity and sensitivity of the training it provides, the impact of its scientific production in the agricultural sciences, linked to the generation of innovative responses to national and regional agricultural problems.


We will be the leading faculty of agricultural sciences and widely recognized nationally and regionally because under a rigorous and updated process of research-linkage of the most important Honduran social problems, we generate academic spaces to train competitive professionals able to offer technical-scientific answers and solve the demands of sustainable and profitable development of the agricultural sector.

The academic services of the then known as Escuela Granja Demostrativa were offered since 1952, after a transformation it became the National School of Agriculture, and in 2002 it became the National University of Agriculture with a unique academic offer of undergraduate Agronomy Engineering, since 1994.


Miguel Hernan Sosa Lopez

Dean of Faculty
M.Sc. in Development Project Management ICAP Costa Rica
  • Area of professional performance: Plant physiology and management of annual crops and coffee plants.
  • E-mail: msosa@unag.edu.hn

Doris Alajandrina Izaguirre Osorio

Assistant to the Dean's Office, Pedagogue for the coordination of the Engineering Career.
Bachelor's Degree in Pedagogy and Educational Sciences with Orientation in Educational Administration and Planning. UNAH CRAED Juticalpa
  • Area of professional performance: Coordination of the Agronomy Engineering program at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences.
  • E-mail: dizaguirre@unag.edu.hn

Alejandro José Rápalo Cruz

Academic Coordinator of the Agronomy Engineering Career, Professor of the Fca.
M.Sc. in Economics and Finances (UNICAH)

Juany Lizeth Canelas Padilla

Faculty Administrator
Bachelor's Degree in Agricultural Business Administration
  • Area of professional performance: Administrative area.


Virtual Assistant