Academic experience

UNAG has a student-centered educational model, based on socio-constructivism, with a competency-based approach, whose flagship methodology is Learning by Doing. It is characterized by providing a comprehensive education, for it has a teaching staff of 230 professors of various specialties oriented to agricultural sciences, distributed in its main campus and its regional centers.

It currently offers 5 careers: Bachelor's Degree in Agricultural Business Administration, Veterinary Medicine and Engineering in: Agronomy, Food Technology and Integral Management of Natural Resources; simultaneously working on the opening of new careers at undergraduate and graduate level in order to provide a wider range of study opportunities to the national and international population, under the modality of internship with academic, psychological, medical, dental, pedagogical attention and strengthening of talents and skills in art and sports.

The functions that underpin the academy at UNAG are teaching, research, outreach and production, as we are an institution recognized locally and nationally for the quality projection we make, characterized by graduating responsible professionals, lovers of their homeland, committed to professional ethics and the development of their communities and therefore the nation.

Within the framework of COVID-19, UNAG has continued its academic work, redirecting the courses to virtual and teleworking modalities in order to continue educating our students, strengthening teacher training in teaching with quality and innovation and equipping the institutional platform to provide what is required in the new academic modality.

The National University of Agriculture keeps its doors open to all applicants who wish to be trained in the agricultural sciences, offering them an inclusive education with dignity, quality and relevance.

We are UNAG, we are Hondurans, we are Quality Professionals!!!


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